We are enablers of change

We make managers and teams development and transformation of the organization easier, creating the conditions for each of them to give the best of themselves.
The fact that you are here is the start for change within yourself and your organization.

Evocalia is...


Evolution means converting your strategy into a shared dream, matching motivation of your staff with your business plans.

Evocalia implies...


Vocation to help, to make things happen, to practice what we preach, to enjoy the success of our customers.

Evocalia means...


An alliance to cooperate and co-create, with engagement and closeness, through diversity and independence.

Our Services

Our customers feel that we deliver added value, especially when we co-operate over a long period of time. That is why we prefer to facilitate true change processes rather than doing ‘quick jobs’. We prefer to contribute to in-depth and lasting change rather than offering a single workshop. We work with individuals, teams and whole organizations. We work with one overriding principle in mind, to contribute to our customers’ success.

Leadership development

With more than 20.000 certified hours of work and more than one hundred satisfied customers in four continents, at Evocalia we are one of Europe´s most experienced firms in individual coaching, team coaching and learning communities.

Organizational Transformation

Evocalia partner’s previous, hands-one experience make us more valuable enablers for your company. We assist in creating vision and shared purpose; provide energy, commitment and results. We regularly support our clients in a wide variety of business challenges.

Time for Reflection

At Evocalia, we propose using time as a unique and valuable tool, as a gift that allows us to reflect, to develop an increased consciousness upon who we are and how people think we are. We are experts in employing tools such as the ‘360º Feedback’, the team test ‘Thermometer’ and the ‘Reflector Big Five Personality’ test, available in 17 languages.

customers in four continents
of satisfied customers
invested in self-development
in which we work

Our Team

Evocalia customers value very positively the professional interaction with our partners. Our previous experience as corporate leaders enables the speedy comprehension of the organizational system, of the company strategy and the global vision of our clients’ challenges. We work in four continents and in four languages: Spanish, French, English and German.

Peter Schreibvogel

Peter Schreibvogel. Organized. Practical. Ambitious and prudent at the same time. Continuously seeks a balance between corporate results and people’s interest. With a global vision of the organization. Passionate about competent work. Explorer of “best practices”.

Íñigo Marquina

Íñigo Marquina. Long- distance runner. Enjoys learning and sharing what he discovers. Values coherence. Persistent. Patient, empathetic listener. Seeks common grounds. Team player who develops enduring relations.

Our skills

What makes us different today will continue to make us different tomorrow because of our ongoing
investment in developing methodologies, practical experience gained in our every day’s work as well as continuous self-development.


We work as a team since early 2002. For almost fifteen years we have created our own methodologies proven in innumerable leadership development processes, team building processes and organizational transformation.


Continuously engaging in self-development forms an important part of our values, we train with the best at international level. We also learn by doing: 20.000 hours of experience with over 100 satisfied customers.


Our previous experience as corporate executives helps us to line up development and transformation processes naturally, with the needs of the business in mind.


All of our work as coaches and facilitators is directly executed by our senior founding partners at our offices in Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia.


With experience in projects in four continents. We offer our services in Spanish, English, French and German.

Our customers

A good part of us are our customers.
This is a welcomed opportunity to thank our customers for the privilege of accompanying them on their journey
of self-development and transformation.


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