Management development

With over 2.000 certified hours and more than 100 customers in four continents, at Evocalia we are one of the most experienced firms in Europe when it comes to individual coaching, team coaching and learning communities.

Individual coaching

More and more managers and executives are contracting individual coaching processes to overcome one or several of the following challenges: to provide themselves a solid foothold when assuming a new post, improve his/her leadership capacity, improve their interaction with others, improve their organizational skills, learn to manage stressful situations, improve their overall performance, address business challenges with greater confidence, overcome a difficult period, achieve a better work-life balance.

Team coaching

A team is not a group of people with a common boss. Their aim is to build together, to achieve business goals. To do so, a shared purpose is necessary. This will require openness, recognition and healthy interactions. A team is also a space for individual development and mutual assistance, a safe space where each one can give the best of him-/ herself. The process of building a team requires specific attention and training. Even though the responsibility lies in its members, success is greater when it is enhanced through a team coaching process.

Learning Communities

The open learning communities we facilitate are a unique solution, which benefits from our experience gained in individual and group coaching processes. They are aimed at groups of directors or groups of middle managers that, without making up a natural team, have similar roles and goals. Participants benefit from their individual development and a network that favours transversality and leads to co-operation. Due to this double advantage and its cost per participant, it is a service that our customers are increasingly demanding, and for which we receive extraordinary feedback.