Organizational Transformation

Evocalia member’s management experience make us more valuable enablers for the Company. We create vision and shared sense, provide energy, compromise and results, and support through the business challenges.

Vision and purpose

All transformation projects need to generate common sense on the desired future as well as sharing this sense with those people who shall turn the vision into reality. We make this process easier by creating the vision, giving attention to what should be changed and what is important to preserve. We anticipate the difficulties that lie ahead and help to identify first steps. We facilitate both, the creation of large corporate strategic processes and small transformation processes related to only one area of the organization.

Energy, engagement and results

Recent studies confirm that those organizations with high levels of energy achieve significantly better economic results. We all understand the importance for the business of people having high levels of energy, emotional links, and commitment. We help the organization to become aware of its particular way of providing and retrieving energy, so to be able to generate high levels of engagement. We run processes and workshops with our own methodology in which people learn to take better care of their energy levels and that of those in their sphere of influence.

Support in business challenges

We are supporting our customers in challenging projects such as going international, post- acquisition integration, product or service innovation, organization with an element of change, and, many times, succession processes, particularly in family businesses. Many times with transversal teams, inter-cultural and even cooperation projects between companies. Our value, as always, is to provide and facilitate an adequate process, thus making our clients’ lives easier. When the process is being facilitated with care, results will be undoubtedly improved. Our past as executives and our international experience is a plus in this context.