Time for thought

At Evocalia we propose using time as a tool, as a gift that allows us to think, to take consciousness on who we are and how they think we are. We are experts in 360 Feedback, Team Thermometer and the test Reflector available in 17 languages.

360º Feedback

We live in a world of perceptions. Our self-image does not always match the perception of those around us at work. Through a ‘360º Feedback’ process, our customers receive a clear and undistorted vision of their strengths and their areas of improvement, comparing their own point of view with perceptions from their immediate environment at work. It is one of our most valued tools.

Reflector test

State-of-the-art personality at work test, available in 17 languages. Offers our respective clients a detailed vision on 24 different traits of his/ her personality, and indicates the energy required to improve certain leadership and management competencies.

Thermometer team test

Thermometer: It measures the current quality and cohesion of the team, with views to facilitate conversations on how to continue to develop team building. It measures the team’s quality in seven inter-connected dimensions with views to improve its cohesion and effectiveness.